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Empowered to innovate.

McCormick Commitment to Empowering Employees

Our Employees Do More Than Work Here & They Participate

At McCormick, professional and personal growth happens all the time. It comes from our commitment to empowering our employees to think collaboratively, to communicate with different levels and departments and to gain a thorough understanding of our company and our industry. It’s what makes us better collaborators, researchers, product developers, marketers, global sourcers and world citizens.

Empowering Employees

We're Always Developing The Next Leader

Our employees—and the diversity of valuable perspectives they bring—drive our success. Expertise extends across job descriptions, business units and management levels. Charles P. McCormick—a pioneer in employee participation—understood this when he established the Multiple Management Board back in 1932.

The participative management philosophy we pioneered more than 80 years ago is the best kind of philosophy because we practice it every day. Rather than simply bear witness to decisions that affect the direction of our business, our employees take on projects that often result in solutions that steer that direction. And they do this while growing their own skills and career prospects.

We never stop learning and developing. Through initiatives like our Global Leadership Program, Global Learning Network and High Performance Organization, we’ve continued to put the idea of participative management into action in bigger and better ways.

As McCormick has grown, the input our employees have in the direction and performance of our company has grown with it.