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Operating more efficiently.

McCormick Commitment to Operation Impact and Efficiencies

We Impact Flavor, Not The Environment

How we perform as a company is directly related to how we operate as global citizens. Our flavors come from the earth and ultimately return to it. So out of respect for the planet we work to do more with less and leave as small a footprint as we can.

Being Socially Responsible And Sustaining It

Our operational goals and management systems are all laser-focused on continuous improvement. Every person in our company owns this, and our Sustainability and Social Responsibility Committee represents people throughout our company.

The Committee’s mission is to direct McCormick’s sustainability and social responsibility activities. Starting in 2005, we set corporate social responsibility goals and began improving how we share our accomplishments and best practices.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Progress through 2015 33% reduction
2019 Goal
(based on 2014 baseline)
5% reduction
Progress through 2016 18% reduction
2019 Goal
(based on 2014 baseline)
Bottle weight reduction by 20% 
Water Usage
Progress through 2015 5% reduction
2019 Goal
(based on 2014 baseline)
Reduce water use by 10%
Progress through 2015 2% reduction
2019 Goal
(based on 2014 baseline)
Reduce electricity use by 10%
Solid Waste
Progress through 2015 0% reduction
2019 Goal
(based on 2014 baseline)
Reduce solid waste by 10%

Transparently Accounting For Ourselves

We serve customers, consumers, suppliers and communities according to the highest standards of business ethics. We require ourselves—employees and directors both—to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations wherever we do business.