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A McCormick-flavored lifeOur Flavor Solutions

The flavor systems we create for consumers—and the multi-national food manufacturers, global restaurant chains and culinary professionals who serve them—consistently outperform our competitors in the marketplace.

Sometimes big and bold, other times fragrant and subtle, our flavors, coatings, condiments, spices, herbs and signature seasonings have made their way onto millions of store shelves and restaurant and family dinner tables for a reason: We love to conceive, test and provide the flavors people want in order to deliver eating experiences they’ll remember.

This level of success and global flavor leadership requires science, technology and a fresh flow of innovative ideas. And that requires insights generated from a collaboration of all of our disciplines—from Research and Development to Sales and Marketing.



We know our cereal flavor sources, and we combine this knowledge with insight into what consumers prefer to create the best possible taste experience. To get to that “best” taste we also make sure to enhance foundational flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon. By closely mimicking how our customers evaluate flavor, we shorten the time it takes to develop the target profile. No matter what the grain type or how a product is formulated, we create signature, masking and background flavors that deliver the breakfast smiles, and sales.

Product Solution: Cereal

Crackers and Snacks

How do we hit the snack flavor bull’s-eye over and over again? We combine consumer and culinary insights with our Flavor Forecast® to predict flavors and drive innovation. We bring a deep understanding of material science, adhesion and topical technology to every stage of the snack flavor process—from concept and consumer input through plant commercialization and scale-up. Plus our knack for replicating simple and complex culinary profiles and ingredients produces authentic flavor that pops out of the box.

Product Solution: Crackers

Snack Bars

We use inspiration from the total market segment to zero in on the perfect flavor to meet a specific consumer need state. Our capabilities go deep into sweet, sweet-brown and spice flavor options, and our insights go equally deep into flavor systems and seasonings for grain products. Through the unique way we develop and test flavor in various bar matrices, we deliver flavor that allows our customers to produce food bar products that meet high expectations for health, wellness and clean labels.

Product Solution: Food Bars

Sweet Bakery

Collecting insights across categories and understanding the adoption path, keeps us out in front of the industry when identifying flavors that are ready for the bakery category, from sweet to savory. We’re sweet on developing consumer-approved bake-stable flavors, and we use our expertise in vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate and our unique co-creative process and innovative center to rapidly get there.

Product Solution: Sweet Bakery


McCormick has a deep understanding of how consumers experience food around the globe, and our insight into consumer need states for all eating occasions gives us the edge in creating flavorful meal solutions. Our product lines make up a complete toolbox of dry and liquid flavors, spices and seasonings. And it’s how we deliver the right flavor solution for any meal application, from authentic to simple. Our Culinary and Flavor Creation approach to meal solutions recreates the culinary standard in your process. And our competitive flavor technology delivers the optimum flavor consumers prefer.

Product Solution: Meals

Beverage & Dairy

McCormick is recognized for its flavor prediction. A perfect example of that is our global Flavor Forecast® which identifies the hottest flavor trends and leverages that information for flavor leadership in the beverage category. Our food insight specialists combine health and wellness, ethnic evolution and consumer need states to hone in on upcoming flavors. As a result of this insight we proudly own many of our industry’s iconic flavors. Our focus on health and wellness research and novel flavor technology platforms allows us to provide custom-designed solutions for many beverage products. And it’s our commitment to collaboration that creates first-to-market flavors designed to succeed in the marketplace.

Product Solution: Dairy


McCormick’s expertise in how consumers experience food and the on-trend flavors that delight those consumers allows us to recommend flavors that are easily adopted into the confectionary category. We create flavors for all types of confectionary products from standard to complex. That includes fruits, chocolates and sweet brown flavors that deliver a variety of unique eating experiences. No matter how your product is formulated or processed, our flavor delivery systems maintain flavor integrity for your target customer.

Product Solution: Confectionary